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Dare to know the Green and mountain Val d’Aran, with fir, beech and pine forests, with fast-flowing rivers, beautiful lakes and wide fields. Its main river is the Garona River which, after flowing through the valley, runs through Pont de Rei, already in France, and ends in the Atlantic Ocean, in the city of Bordeaux. Explore these beautiful settings and enjoy the best activities that the area has to offer.

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Val d'Aran offers a unique experience to visitors eager to take care of their body and mind. To immerse yourself in sulfurous water as the Romans did, to find yourself in nature, to take care of health or simply to relax and forget the daily stress are attractions that captivate any traveler.

History and health come together in the Aranese spas, some of which have already been documented in Roman times. The waters captured at depths greater than 300 m reach easily over 30 ° C to provide large mineral properties, beneficial for the treatment of bone and skin disorders, for the circulatory system and respiratory system. Top quality equipment developed around the springs has given international prestige to some of them, such as Termas de la Baronia in the town of Les or Els Banhs of Tredós in Ribera d'Aiguamòg, within the periphery of Parc Nacional d'Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici, which is located 1,740 m. high, is the highest resort in Europe.


To discover the wonders of Val d'Aran only desire and time are needed. The cultural richness of the valley offers itself to the visitor pleasantly, who can inmmerse himself with just a quiet walk or bike promenade. A quiet visit to any population can approach the tourist to the daily routine of the people, help him know the traditions and the Aranese language.

To immerse yourself better in their ancestral traditions you must know their dances and festivals rooted in the life in the fields. Festivities like Eth Haro in Les and Eth Taro Arties, culminating the summer solstice with the burning of the trunk of a fir as an act of demand for the purification of the land, they remain intact and faithfully remind us what life was like centuries ago in the valley.


The visitor avid of gastronomic experiences can choose among more than 180 restaurants to delight your senses with the tastes, smells and textures of the Aran cuisine. You will discover traditional dishes made with local products like the "Olha Aran", pâté or meat stews, in addition to the latest kitchen trends, where we have to highlight the duck, cooked in 100 different ways, the sturgeon from the Les fish farm and the caviar. The proximity with France has also introduced dishes and ingredients such as crêpes, foie gras, the "crespets" or confits, interpreted with a special Aranese style. The warm hospitality of the hosts and the idyllic setting will make each meal a unique experience.

Purchase any of the products produced by themselves and take them home, to relive and share the experience of Aran cuisine is one of the pleasures for visitors. strong>Bohl (tongue sausage), jams, cassís (redcurrant liqueur) or aigua of nodes (walnut water liqueur) are just some of them, which can be purchased at specialty stores.


Enjoy one of the best ski resorts in the country and a unique environment in Baqueira-Beret. Ski weeks fees included, ski-week comprehensive course and ski in Baqueira and Beret. This station stands by the quality of its snow throughout the season thanks to the climate of the Valley, the north facing slopes and the excellent maintenance by technicians. The altitude of the station (between 1500 and 2500) and an attractive black ski terrain. Also, the Beret area is ideal for amateurs because of the gentle terrain with little gradient green tracks and an exclusive price for much cheaper for debutants.

Where to learn

The Aran station of Baqueira-Beret offers different types of tracks that allow alpine skiing and snowboarding at all levels, from the most inexperienced beginner to those who already have a good style and only used red and black tracks.

To do this, the Valley has a number of schools and specialized instructors for all students, even those with special requirements, such as some kind of disability; in addition to monitors who speak different foreign languages.

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